Mobile Tracking of Global Incidents

mobile tracking locationRazient has released the mobile version of Razient Global Incident Tracking for mobile tracking of disasters and incidents. The mobile version enables access to our database of daily incident events on the iPhone and soon to be released Android smartphone.The key benefits of Razient Mobile are:
  • GPS tracking locates the user and tracks surrounding incidents.
  • Ability to research on a specific city and find incident activity for the last 5 days.
  • Setup alert notifications are pushed to the user’s mobile device based on location.
  • Visibility into specific incident data for a city or location.
Customer can utilize the iPhone application freely today. The Razient Mobile Tracking application is available to be custom branded by our customers. This can be deployed under your company name.
Mobile Tracking of Global Incidents

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Razient provides an easy way to find all the disasters and incidents around your location, such as fires, floods, shootings, bombings, protests, riots, severe weather, and much more. This app will be of very much help in travelling!
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