enterprise locationsThe Razient ENTERPRISE application allows subscribers to login from anywhere in the world to manage their individual suppliers or locations for potential supply chain disruptions and IT and other compliance issues. There are two primary inputs into the Razient supplier databases:
  • Supplier Compliance Information – Suppliers provide information about their individual compliance measures and the application reports on how suppliers are achieving various compliance metrics.
  • Daily Threats by Location – RAZIENT analysts provide daily threat and incident data correlated to individual suppliers’ locations.

Razient ENTERPRISE Includes:

  • Dashboard views of threats and risks to the supply chain globally by supplier.
  • A series of surveys and risk indicators to evaluate and assess compliance.
  • Crisis management functions that provide the ability to be proactive in mitigating risks and threats.
  • Underlying integrated secure database contains all client information.
  • Key reports at client management’s fingertips in order to act and mitigate risks in a timely manner.
  • Daily updated tracking of incident types such as Shooting, Bombing, Fires Floods, Power outages, Riots, Disease outbreaks, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados, Bridge collapses, Plane disruptions, and more provides a wide variety of global threats.

Key Features

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Global Incident Management

  • Global Threat Dashboard
  • Data feeds from numerous data sources
  • Immediate correlation to locations
  • Determine which locations/parts are facing potential threats.
  • Crisis Management tracking, and mitigation steps
enterprise locations

Compliance Management

  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance and Industry Best Practices
  • Customize, Distribute, Manage, and Monitor Risk Surveys
  • Reduce Cost of Vendor Risk Management through automated processes
  • Track and Report on Compliance Results
  • Utilize a library of predefined assessments
  • Archive Compliance Results
  • Centralized Document Collection

Technology Overview

  • Mobile application custom development available
  • Scalable hosted application with centralized management
  • Multi-user, role based access restrictions, secure communications
  • Multiple language support
  • Data import and export capabilities
  • No software deployment required
  • Robust database driven application
  • Daily updated database of events published hourly
  • Continuously expanding incident search criteria
  • OEM and co-branded option available
  • Webservice available for importing data into third party application
enterprise location
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Razient ENTERPRISE Product Overview

Razient provides an easy way to find all the disasters and incidents around your location, such as fires, floods, shootings, bombings, protests, riots, severe weather, and much more. This app will be of very much help in travelling!
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