The Razient ASSESSOR application allows subscribers to login from anywhere in the world to manage their individual IT and supply chain compliance

and best practices assessments.

Razient ASSESSOR Includes:

  • Dashboard views of all compliance assessments, results and status.
  • A series of surveys and risk indicators to evaluate and assess compliance.
  • Proactively manage the assessment process, updates and communications.
  • Key reports at client management’s fingertips in order to act and mitigate risks in a timely manner.
  • Underlying integrated secure database contains all result information.
  • Identify and prioritize gaps both internally and externally to the organization.
  • Unify the assessment solution across multiple departments and provide historical context and results.
  • Reporting capabilities to correlate data and export as needed.
  • Scoring and weighting of risk assessment questions and results.

RAZIENT’s software and approach captures potential threats across any type of compliance requirement that could impact the organization’s ability to deliver goods and services.

Key Features

quality assessor

Pre-Configured Library

  • re-Built Common Assessment
  • requently Updated
  • Easily Modified
  • Consulting Experts Available from Razient
risk assessor
quality assessor

Compliance Management

  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance and Industry Best Practices
  • Customize, Distribute, Manage, and Monitor Risk Surveys
  • Reduce Cost of Vendor Risk Management through automated processes
  • Track and Report on Compliance Results
  • Archive Compliance Results
  • Centralized Document Collection

Assessment Design

risk assessor
  • Easily Designed Assessment
  • Shared User Access to Assessment Management
  • Easily Integrate Custom Assessments
quality assessor

Manage Results

  • Centralized Answer Review
  • Communication About Questions
  • Document Upload in Answers
risk assessor
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Razient ENTERPRISE Product Overview

Razient provides an easy way to find all the disasters and incidents around your location, such as fires, floods, shootings, bombings, protests, riots, severe weather, and much more. This app will be of very much help in travelling!
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