Scenario Research

Research the Incident Database for “What-if” scenario modeling.Companies and Insurers need to have the capability to conduct realistic disaster scenarios to anticipate types of risk and impact. Understanding the risks in particular locations can help reduce risk in emergencies and develop proactive mitigation plans.

Scenario specific parameters can be set with Razient to research location risk and potential for an event actually happening based on our historical data. This knowledge can help a business define the characteristics of a response plan. A number of options are available using the Scenario Research feature of Razient.

The Crisis Management process has a number of features:

  • All Incidents by City
  • Incident type by City
  • Incident type by Country
  • Multiple Incidents by State
  • All Incidents by State
  • Incident type by State
  • Multiple Incidents by City
  • Multiple Incidents by Country
Example 1

Disaster Research

research scenario
Example 2

Disaster Research

scenario research
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