Global Incident Management

Global incidents occur daily. The Razient solution tracks most publicly known incidents such as shootings, fires, floods, hurricanes, bridge collapses, power outages, riots, strikes, health risks and more… Our incident tracking processes capture relevant data about each incident into the Razient database on a daily basis. With one click, a company can determine all of their suppliers, customers or office locations in the vicinity of an incident, quickly access potential risk, and quickly determine what may be impacted.

Razient presents a comprehensive end-to-end view of events, threats, and relevant compliance data across the all locations. With timely data pertaining to threats and risks to the supply chain or your corporate locations, operational teams have an unprecedented “full-circle view” or risk resulting in a powerful management and information tool that enables timely identification and response and quick deployment of mitigation solutions.

Razient’s software and approach captures potential threats across the spectrum where compliance risk, physical risk, or disruption risk could impact the organization’s ability to deliver goods and services at anticipated costs, helping to avoid potential downtime.

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Daily Global Incidents

incidents management
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Incident Detail

RAZIENT Incident Categories

  • GeopoliticalExamples: Riots, Coups, Protests, War, Assassination
  • WeatherExamples: Hurricanes, Tornado, Flood, Tropical Storm, Monsoon
  • Natural DisastersExamples: Volcano, Earthquake, Wildfire, Flu Pandemic
  • ViolenceViolence Examples: Shootings, Pirate Attack, Bombing, Airstrike, Mortar Attack
  • Manmade IncidentsExamples: Bridge Collapse, Train Collision, Building Fire, Road Closure
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