Crisis Management

Razient provides a step by step process for a company to develop and implement a Crisis Management playbook. The crisis management feature provides a web-based centralized dashboard for team members to collaborate, manage and track tasks during a disaster. The crisis plans can track activity, files such as documentation, video and pictures, user tasks and time to recovery. This feature can be used for customized crisis plan design and deployment as the incidents tracked Razient are automatically correlated to your locations and provide an easy workflow to activate the crisis playbooks.

Each Crisis Management process is unique to a company. No other company will know your plans or see your processes and information.

The Crisis Management process has a number of features:

  • Pre-define crisis playbooks
  • Multi-user login to manage crisis steps
  • Report on steps and incidents
  • Report on steps and incidents
  • Track time to recovery
  • Modify crisis plans in-progress
Example 1

Select from lists of Crisis plans

crisis managment
Example 2

Develop steps in a Crisis plans

management crisis
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